Praise and Blame

The Last Prince, written in the best tradition of the adventure novel with a modern twist, is a riot of a read, tightly paced and unputdownable. Sure to appeal to grown-up fans of The Princess Bride and The Prisoner of Zenda, this is genre-bending comedy at its finest.” – Jenn Ashworth

“God, I loved it! It kept me up half the night because I couldn’t put it down…I confess, it is exactly the sort of smart tongue-in-cheek romance that I love to read. I especially liked the fact that it didn’t do any of the expected boy-loses-girl fourth act (predicated on the “idiot plot” device) that usually drives me nuts, but instead romps on to a most unexpected, but logical, conclusion.” – Br Guy Consolmagno SJ

“I read The Last Prince first several months ago, and have dipped back in since then, trying to recapture the pleasure and excitement I had reading it the first time round. I immersed myself in it on a journey, and emerged at my destination a little dazed, half-expecting to be in Santa Teresa still, and have since then kept a sharp eye out for men in cavalry uniform. I know nothing about horses or dressage, but was utterly at one with Jennie’s physical determination to do her utmost, and her refusal to give in. It’s a terrific read, beautifully paced, and the emotional tension is raised and lowered with perfectly placed single words. Very, very enjoyable. When’s the sequel coming out?” – Dr Kate Macdonald of Why I Really Like This Book