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Introducing The Last Prince


A jewel of an island with great weather and no income tax, Santa Teresa is heaven for some. For its near-absolute ruler, Prince Bertrand, it’s hell. Bertie gave up his career, his freedom and the love of his life to take the throne after his father’s sudden death. Heartbroken and resentful, he’s resolved to abdicate. But it’s not so easy to quit when you’re born and bred for the job.

Jennie McTavish is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary talent. A chippy Fife lass with a taste for revolution, she’s blazing a trail as the first female, civilian rider at Santa Teresa’s prestigious cavalry school. In the face of hostility, mistrust and isolation, she’s staying strong… but only just.

When Bertie meets Jennie, Santa Teresa will never be the same again.

The Last Prince, written in the best tradition of the adventure novel with a modern twist, is a riot of a read, tightly paced and unputdownable. Sure to appeal to grown-up fans of The Princess Bride and The Prisoner of Zenda, this is genre-bending comedy at its finest.” Jenn Ashworth

The Last Prince is available for pre-order. Publication date 1 December 2014.