The Cast

The main players, in order of appearance:

Prince Bertrand of Santa Teresa (Bertie)

A Harvard Law School graduate and only (legitimate) child of the late Prince Renaud, Bertie left a glittering career in New York to return to Santa Teresa and take the throne. But the law wasn’t his only sacrifice. Forced to choose between love and duty, Bertie chose duty, and now he’s regretting it. Can he find a way out, or is it too late?

Jennie McTavish

Fife lass Jennie grew up in a tradition of radical politics, pacifism and social justice. When her outstanding horsemanship wins her a job offer at Santa Teresa’s Imperial Riding School, it seems like a fairytale, even despite her misgivings about living in a tax haven and working for a prince. But this fairytale has a dark side. Homesick, isolated and struggling for acceptance, Jennie’s soon wondering whether she’s made a terrible mistake.

Don Rafael de la Fuente

Tall, dark and duelling-scarred, the ambitious Don Rafael was Prince Renaud’s most trusted advisor. In fact, such was the old man’s dependence on him that he amassed considerable power. As far as Rafael’s concerned, Prince Bertrand’s accession changes nothing; but the new prince is quite different to his father, and Rafael’s life is about to become very, very complicated.

Captain Henri Leclerc

An officer and a gentleman in a world where the two aren’t necessarily synonyms, Captain Leclerc is never without his képi. Don’t be fooled, though. Beneath his tightly buttoned exterior beats the troubled heart of a man in turmoil: broken, betrayed, and newly, passionately in love…

Freddy Della Bosca

Love brought Freddy to Santa Teresa, and love sent him away again. All he wants in the world is to be with the one he chose and, if possible, to have a quiet life. Freddy ought to be careful what he wishes for.

General Valentin Dumas

Valentin Dumas lives by three rules: chivalry, monarchy, and the power of the Quiet Word. After all, when you’re over six feet and command an army, you don’t need to raise your voice. However, even the strictest rule has its limits. When chaos threatens the very infrastructure of the General’s beloved Santa Teresa, he just might lose his temper.